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Polaris Shipping donates quarantine clothing to protect seafarers No 24|2021.01.11



Polaris Shipping Co., Ltd

From the left, participants at the delivery ceremony are Yong-ki Jeong, 

the head of Maritime Division from Polaris Shipping, Tae-gil Jeong, 

the Chairman of the Seafarers' Union, and Sung-yong Park, 

the Chairman of the National Ship Management Sailors' Union


Polaris Shipping donates quarantine clothing to protect sailors


Amidst growing concerns on COVID-19, Polaris Shipping 

(CEO Wan Jung Kim), its management and staff members delivered 

25,000 sets of quarantine suits for seafarers to the Federation of 

National Marine Crew Workers' Unions  

(Seafarers' Union, Chairman Tae-gil Jeong) 

at the Busan Marine Center on January 11, 2021. 


The delivery was arranged via mutual collaboration 

by the leading bulk carrier Polaris and its corresponding labor union 

with an aim to protect seafarers who have been working vigorously 

to transport strategic resources 

including energy, quarantine goods, vaccines, and etc. for public.


In particular, the parties agreed to donate goods to the federation 

in light of the foreign crew from small and 

medium-sized shipping carriers which may not be best 

equipped with protections due to challenging conditions. 


“We appreciate thoughtful gestures of Polaris and the Union 

to protect lives of seafarers and will do our best to fight 

against the COVID-19 by distributing the suit in a prompt manner”, 

Chairman Jeong from the federation mentioned, 

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