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Polaris 325K VLOC MV Sao Diana awarded No 20|2019.03.27



Polaris Shipping|Strategy Planning Team 2

MV Sao Diana, the 1st unit of the 18  Guaibamax VLOC each in the capacity of 325,000 DWT

ordered at Hyundai Heavy Industries, has been awarded  "Significant Ships of 2018"

by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects in London, UK.

The Ship, which is part of its owner's fleet replacement programme, is the very first

of the Guaibanmax type of ore carrier named after the Guaiba Island ore loading terminal

in southern Brazil's Sepetiba Bay.

It is the first of 18 vessels contracted by Polaris that will be chartered to the Brazilian ore

giant Vale, but the Guaibamax label is also being applied to ships built for other owners

and at ohter yards. Around 50 of the type are said to have been conatrcated at various

yards all of which will be operating under Vale contracts.

The vessel has an overall length of 333.07m, width of 60m and depth of 29.8m with a design

draught of 22.7m. It has seven cargo holds of 180,000㎥ capacity and seven cargo hatch covers.

An unususal feature is the space between holds 4 and 5 for a future LNG tank retrofit.

The vessel has a service speed of 14.5 knots and is propelled by a Hyundai-built Man B&W

7G80ME-C9.5 engine rated at 23,390kW driving a 10.4m diameter propeller.

Currently the ship runs on HFO but in accordance with the contract with Vale, it must have

the capability to be converted to LNG hence the space for the LNG fuel system.

Vale is clearly hedging its bets as the best way to comply with eh 2020 sulphur cap

because as well as requiring engines that can burn LNG, the contract also stipulates that

the ship must have a scrubber installed, which was the case when Sao Diana was delivered.

As a responsible member of the international shipping community, going forward,

our commitment to safety, quality assurance, and environmental protection will not cease.

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