We regret it most deeply that M.V. "STELLAR DAISY" under our control and her 22 crew members are missing in the South Atlantic Ocean since 31st March, 2017.

The vessel left GIT, Brasil on 26th March and was en-route to China at the time of her last position report. 

All the efforts are being made to save her crew members including large-scale Air/Sea Search & Rescue operation over the surrounding waters under the dedicated international cooperation by several government bodies and civilian parties. 

Sincerely hoping that the entire crew members can safely return to their families shortly, our mind and heart is with them at every moment.

The case is under investigation and the outcome will be further announced in due course, meanwhile, you are kindly invited to join the families and avoid speculations as much as possible in these difficult times.

We also take this opportunity to convey our sincere appreciation to all those who are involved in the SAR operation and all those who kindly sent their support in this matter.


If you have any inquires with regards to the M.V. “STELLAR DAISY” accident, we would appreciate it if you kindly contact the representative of our company whose contact details are as follows.

        Mr. Paul Apostolis
        Holman Fenwick Willan Singapore LLP
        Direct: +65 6411 5343


<Press Release on 20th April 2017 regarding VLOC converted fleet>

Polaris Shipping is fully committed to ensuring the safety of its VLOC converted fleet and their crews following the loss of the Stellar Daisy.

The managers have embarked on a systematic fleet structural survey program in consultation with Class KR and Lloyds Register as independent consultants.

Class KR has drafted structural inspection guidelines for all of the vessels, which the managers and the crew have immediately implemented on board while at sea. All findings are reported to class.

For those vessels which pass the initial on board inspection, as each vessel arrives at its earliest load or discharge port, she is being subjected to special survey by a team consisting of three dedicated senior superintendents from Polaris Shipping, three Korean Register Classification surveyors from the Dry Cargo Ship Technical Team and Survey Team and two engineers from Tae-Yang, a specialist steel strength gauging company.

In addition, Polaris Shipping has engaged the services of Lloyds Register who have committed three Technical Advisers to inspect each vessel in turn and advise on structural strength and design issues. 

These initial condition surveys at the load and discharge ports will be followed by further in depth survey and analysis of each vessel, the results of which will be reported to Class for verification of hull strength in consultation with Lloyds Register.

Any nonconformities, if discovered, will be rectified according to a hull strengthening plan approved by Class KR in consultation with Lloyds Register.

<Press Release on 13th April 2017, regarding MV Stellar Cosmo>

The managers and operators of VLOC Stellar Cosmo are aware of reports circulating that the vessel is heading for Cape Town for repairs. They wish to make it known that this is not correct. Stellar Cosmo diverted from her voyage to China to the last reported site of the Stellar Daisy to take part in search and rescue operations. She has departed early from the scene and is heading to Singapore for bunkers before continuing her contractual voyage to China. The reason for her departure is to allow her sufficient bunkers to reach China and not for reasons of repairs as has been reported.

<Press Release on 13th April 2017, regarding MV Stellar Unicorn>

Polaris Shipping, as managers of the Stellar Unicorn, confirm that the vessel is currently at anchor off Cape Town, South Africa and is undergoing joint inspection and repair by Marshall Islands Flag State, Class, P&I and by owners independent surveyor in coordination with SAMSA. Repairs are anticipated to be completed on 18 April 2017 when the vessel will resume her voyage to China.  At present, the cause of the hull damage remains under investigation by Class and Flag State and Owners.

Polaris Shipping has initiated an internal inspection of all 18 VLOC vessels in its fleet. In addition each vessel will undergo independent inspection at arrival at the next scheduled port of call.

<Press Release on 8th April 2017, regarding MV Stellar Unicorn>

Following the loss of the STELLAR DAISY on 31 March 2017, her operators, Polaris Shipping, have instigated a special programme for the immediate inspection of all vessels currently operated by them to ensure their integrity and safety.  This special programme is in addition to the regular maintenance and inspection programme operated in accordance with Class and Flag State requirements.
En route to the discharge port and near Cape Town, one of the vessels in the operated fleet, bulk ore carrier Stellar Unicorn (153642 gt, built 1993) reported a 15 cm crack on the outer hull of no.1 Void Starboard Tank.  Following discussions with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), a repair plan has been devised with Korea Register, and is currently being actioned.  Due to heavy swell and strong wind, the repairs are not expected to complete until 13th April 2017.  STELLAR UNICORN is currently carrying a cargo of 270,000 mt iron ore, bound for China, and will continue her voyage once class and SAMSA give approval.
The special programme will continue until all vessels have been inspected and cleared for ongoing service.

Meanwhile search operations for the missing crew of the STELLAR DAISY are continuing.

<Press Release on 7th April 2017>

On 31 March 2017, the very large ore carrier (VLOC), Stellar Daisy, went missing and is presumed to have sunk about 1,700 miles east of Montevideo, Uruguay.  Stellar Daisy was on a laden voyage from the Port of Guaiba, Brazil to China carrying a cargo of 260,003mt Sinter Feed High Silica iron ore fines. Stellar Daisy had a compliment of 24 crew members from South Korea and the Philippines.

The Owners of the Stellar Daisy are working closely with the Uruguayan MRCC who are coordinating the search and rescue efforts for the crew of their vessel. Polaris Shipping has diverted three of their own vessels to the area to assist the search and rescue efforts. Two crew members whom are confirmed to be Philippine nationals have safely been recovered and are being repatriated to their families. The search for the remaining crew remains the priority and continues.

The cause of this accident is under full investigation by the Owners in consultation with Marshall Islands Flag State and Class. Owners and their P&I Club have appointed international experts to examine all factors that may have acted on the vessel and her cargo causing her to go missing. They will refrain from commenting on cause until such time as all of their inquiries have been completed.

At this time the priority remains the safety of the crew to which the Owner's efforts are primarily being focused. The Owners would like to extend their deepest sympathies with all of the families of the missing crew members at this time, and to assure them that efforts to find them are continuing.